ICT and Me

Hello to my fellow EDC3100 bloggers!

When I went to the first lecture for this course, my brain sort of exploded into shambles. It was very overwhelming for me to find out what was expected throughout the course. In all honesty, I’ve never written a blog before. I’ve never even thought about writing a blog, and I’ve never really seen the logic in doing so. But regardless, on a more open mindset – here we go! I’m giving the art of blogging a crack; nothing too enlightening or juicy, but rather a concoction of views and perspectives regarding the topic of Information Communications and Technology (ICT).

As you may have picked, I wouldn’t put my hand up as the most vivid fan of technology. I mean some of the things people come up with are just crazy! For example making driver-less cars – who has the time?!! Seriously, don’t you honestly have something better to do with your time people?!

However in contrast to this, I would actually be happy to put my hand up and say that there are definitely big advantages through the use of technologies. I am very aware that ICT is an ever-evolving thing that will continue to expand and change as the years go on. Technologies are used everywhere when you stop to think about it. But is it always for the better? Or can technology actually have a negative effect on people’s lives as well? This is what I plan to discuss through my blog – so stay tuned for more about ICT and Me.


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