“Back in the good old days…”

I know that I am not that old yet in the scheme of things (I’m a 90’s baby), however I am old enough to remember when we got our very first ever computer at home! How exciting that was!! However, now as sit down to write this, its become a normality! Children today won’t ever know life without a computer!! Crazy hey! Between now and then technology has evolved so much! I have gone from having a big square box as a computer – to now, where I have a flash laptop that is equip with all sorts of flash applications that do flash things.

I live (and grew up) on a family owned, third generation dairy farm, and when I was young I had no idea about technologies. My enjoyment and entertainment was outdoors… I loved feeding the calves, playing the sandpit, riding my bike, climbing trees, playing in the dirt etc.

Today however, you see babies no older that 5 months old with a screen in front of their faces. “Back in the day” even when I was little, that simply just wasn’t done. There are so many articles discussing this topic, and many pros and cons are given regarding growing up with technology verses growing up without it. Chiara Sanchez  states some shocking statistics in her article, stating that 66% of kids aged between four and six use some form of phone or iPad regularly. A furthermore 61% of three year olds and 38% of two year olds also use this technology. WHAT? Personally, that is dreadful! What happened to actually playing with your child? Instead of putting them in-front of a screen!

Laura Phillips has also written a great article discussing some of these pros and cons. Although she states some advantages of growing up with technology such as different educational learning activities, she has noted that growing up without technologies gave the children more opportunities for higher levels of physical activity, self motivation and stronger social ties.

With all this in mind though; is too much technology really a preventable thing? Children go to school and within the school environment there is technology used – from tablets to computers to smart boards. So my question is what age should children be introduced to technologies? Each individual will have a different view, however I believe that below 3 is definitely too young – I say bring back the good old days where technology wasn’t the main view point in life – playing in the dirt never hurt anyone!


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