Has Technology Made us Lazy?

As i was looking through articles for one of my previous blogs, I stumbled across this article – 11 Ways Technology is Making us Lazy by Sherilynn Macale. As i read the dot points that Sherilynn had written, and my initial thought was: yeah, we are lazy!

Some of her dot point included:

  • entertainment without leaving the couch
  • food order and delivery
  • online shopping
  • no more waiting in cues
  • Finding out the latest news
  • messaging friends to arrange a catch up.

When you stop to think about it, I guess that is somewhat lazy of us. But is it technologies fault? or is it a fault of our own?

Technology is just a thing, it doesn’t have the power to use itself – We as the people have the power to use it. The quote ‘a poor workman always blames his tools’ seems to be right in perspective while discussing this topic… So my question is – Is it the internet making us lazy, or is it us simply choosing to be lazy, and blaming technology?

Stay tuned for the my next blog, as I will endeavor to dive into this topic, and find out the answer to this question!


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