“I dunno, Google it”

You don’t know the meaning of a word? My parents would say “Go and find a dictionary” whereas a friend would say “I dunno, Google it”.

You don’t know where a place is? My parents would say “there’s a map on the shelf” whereas my friends would say “I dunno, use google maps”

You need to do some research for something? My parents would say, “Go to the library” whereas a peer would say “I dunno, Google it”.

I think you get the picture here! The answer to everything is Google! In today’s society it just seems to be the answer for everything – “Just Google it!” I remember growing up and going to primary school, before the internet was around. When it came time to do a school project, I would have to go and have a look through old encyclopedias on the bookshelf to find my information. Back then, the computer we had, had Microsoft Word and that pinball game installed on it, and that was about it!!

Today however, as i sit down to do an assignment for University, all i have to do is go to Google and type in what i need. What a transformation! But is it for the better? Have we become ‘lazy’ to only limiting ourselves to one form of learning? My parent’s would say “yes”. But what would we say?

So, ever so ironically, I went to Google for an answer! This is link to an article I read by Nicolas Carr called ‘Is Google Making us Stupid’. I found it fairly interesting – and just to give you a sneak peek, here is a quote from the article – it’s defiantly food for thought; “it is our own intelligence that flattens into artificial intelligence…” 


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