Technology and Children’s Development

This sort of extends on from my previous blog, about growing up back in the day with very little technology, compared to children today. How many of us know a young child who has an iPad – and when you watch them with it, and it’s like second nature to them? Is this a risk to child development? Or does it in-fact benefit the child?

I found an article written by Margie K. Shields and Richard E. Behrman, titled The Future Child, which I found a very good read! This article covers all developmental areas of the child, and the effects of technologies; here are just a couple of the concerns raised.

Physical Development:

Children need physical activity and social interaction to become healthy, happy and productive. When over obsessing screen time is consumed by children, it can deprive them of the opportunity to be active in organised sports or other social events and activities which are very beneficial to physical development.

Social-Emotional Development:

Excessive time spent with technologies such as iPad’s, may also have an affect on that of the child’s social-emotional development. As a young child, interactions between family members, peer groups and community networks are very important as they play a crucial part in the child’s interpersonal and social competence skills going into early primary school. However with media use increasing – one of the concerns that has been raised, is that children will form “electronic friendships” instead of human friendships.




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