Blaming Technology?

My last blog post posed the question – Is it the internet making us lazy, or is it us simply choosing to be lazy, and blaming technology?

I just found a article written by Dominique Jackson, who I could have sworn has taken the words right out of my mouth with her writing. She talks about very similar subjects to those I have raised in my recent I dunno, Google it blog.

It definitely makes sense to me! We have subtracted our old routines, such as the Saturday morning town trips to pay the bills, and do the shopping. Today however, we are given the luxury of going onto the internet and paying all of our bills, whether it be telephone, electricity or power.We also can complete the whole grocery trip in 15 minutes instead of half an hour to an hour, and browse all the different fashions that are out. What a change, all of this can happen with just  a few clicks of a mouse and a visa debit card!

This is great right! How easy has this technology thing made our lives…. I agree 100% it has made our lives somewhat easier, however my question was has it indeed made us lazy?

I guess in my opinion, i’m sort of leaning to the fact that yes, technology has led us to become more lazy in everyday life. We don’t put a great deal of effort into things anymore, and it’s because you can sit at home on the couch and do it all online. I know a great percentage of people that I know do basically everything online – because its simply easier. Here is yet another article on this topic entitled How Technology is making us lazy, It defiantly gives you plenty to think about.


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