Is Paper Dead?

Check out this video. I guarantee it will make you laugh!!!

It’s a toilet paper add, which is a weird thing to post about – but it sums up perfectly the topic – Is paper dead?

Nowadays, we can do so many things that we need paper for on the iPad. We can replace reading a book – with reading it on an iPad. We can replace our reminding sticky notes on the fridge with sticky notes with a reminder notification on the iPad. Want to sit down and do a Sudoku or a crossword in the paper? Well, you guessed it – you can even do them on an iPad!

When you stop to think about it, businesses are all trying to turn their billing systems electronically, and make you pay extra for a paper bill sent it the mail! Rip off!! At work, we used to get a paper pay slip every fortnight – now they just get emailed to us. I feel that this all goes back to the time saving aspect of technology, that we can get it done quicker and not have to put in too much effort – however it does have it’s negative sides to it also.

It’s easy to keep track of your old pay slips when they are in paper form – put them in a shoe box and label it ‘pay slips’ or put them in a folder in a filing cabinet. They’re always there, you can always go back to them! When they’re electronic and sent to your email, if you’re anything like me, you miss half of them. I don’t hop on my computer every day. and even if i do, i don’t always check my emails… Even with Uni, you can have it online – but I bet 9 out of 10 of us print it off anyway! It is always easier having a hard copy right in front of you. I always print my things off!

Like everything there is pros and cons to any situation. And with the world progressing, I think this push for being paper free will get more realistic for some people as time goes on. However I don’t think we will ever be paper free.

Paper isn’t dead. And i really don’t think it’ll ever die – we will always have a use for it, Always!!



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