Hello, ICT Term 2!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have taken a while to get back into the swing of things after holidays. My holidays were crazy busy!

Now I have to get back into term 2! My first thoughts as I looked through everything I have to do during this term were “goodbye social life and sleep!” I am now getting towards the half way point in my third year, and the toll of all this study is getting to me. On top of full time uni, I also work, and I come home to still have jobs to complete on the farm. I find when you have such a busy schedule, it is so hard to stay motivated and do well with study.

I think that time management is definitely going to have to be something I need to work on in order to achieve success during this term. I found a list of 8 reasons why time management is crucial, and the main points read:

  • Time is Limited
  • You can accomplish more with less effort
  • Improved Decision-making abilities
  • Become More successful during your career
  • Learning opportunities are everywhere
  • Reduce stress
  • Free time IS necessary
  • Self-discipline is valuable

I think it’s a list that I will have to take notes from! Tune in to my next blog to explore why some of these points are so important!




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