Time Management

In my last Blog post, I looked at a list of reasons why it is important to use time management in order to keep on top of my studies.

While revisiting the list, I picked out a couple of points that I feel are really important, and I will endeavor to delve into them in more depth. The first – and most important i feel – is is that it reduces stress. I know I stress way to much about assignments, and its normally because I leave them till the week before they’re due (guilty as charged!) But in saying that, to redeem myself just a little – I have been trying very hard to get on top of them, and not procrastinate so much!

I have found that when you don’t have control of your time, its easy to feel rushed and overwhelmed. I think that by achieving time management skills, you no longer have to subject yourself to that level of stress.

I found an article which supports this, and suggests also that reducing your level of stress through better time management, also benefits our health. This article was written by Dr. Isaac Eliaz. He writes that by reducing stress in your everyday life, you are maintaining your overall health, as it improves your mood, boosts your immune functions, promotes longevity and allows you to be more productive.

If you are interested in reading more into this, Dr Eliaz also talks about the science of stress, physical effects, physiological effects, and other stress management techniques within this article.





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