The Panic Monster

Monique recently posted a blog post entitled ‘Procrastination’, and within it shared a TED video, spoken by Tim Urban regarding this topic. Tim connected to his audiences in a humorous and engaging way – and I personally thoroughly enjoyed it!

During his TED talk video, he speaks about what goes on in the mind of a procrastinator, and also used great little illustrations to help explain his point. He says, that inside a procrastinators mind there is there is a rational decision maker, and a gratification monkey. The gratification monkey likes to take over the wheel from the rational decision maker, and instead of doing something productive will do something else completely unrelated – like look up google maps and discover India! However there is one more thing inside the brain of a procrastinator – the Panic Monster – which wakes up close to the deadline date. As the Monkey is scared of the Monster, the rational decision maker is able to steer your mind back on track, and away from procrastination! I do recommend you watch the video, Tim tells the story much better than I do!

What an explanation about procrastination hey! and its all so true!! I think I may have almost hit panic monster mode! It’s time to let the rational decision maker within me take charge again, and kick these assignments all the way to the submission box!




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