Time Management: Part 2

Previously on ICT and Me, i have been delving into the topic of Time Management skills, and have discovered some really good reasons why time management is just so important! In my previous blog, I talked about stress, and how it effects you when you don’t have control of your time.

During this blog post, I would like to look at another dot point which I feel is important – which is: free-time is necessary.

Is free-time is necessary? Heck yeah! I think we would all crumble if we didn’t have free time to relax, keep our social life alive, and do the things we enjoy. The last thing I want is to have so much to do, that I don’t have the spare time to enjoy such leisurely things.

Having good time management skills is important as it helps find that FREE TIME! Its all about finding a happy medium. On one hand it is is important when studying not to over do it, however if you are relaxing too much it probably means you aren’t actually doing enough work.

When reading up on this topic, I found that a good balance in study and relaxation will maximize the effectiveness of your study, and that relaxation has a positive impact on your ability to learn, re-call information, think clearly and focus. I also found that having a balanced work-relaxation relationship means studying effectively during allocated study time, so that you can get all of your work done then and still have time to fit in ‘YOU’ time at the end of the day.

To read more about how you study effectively in order to achieve this, check out this page. I definitely found it helpful!


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