Technology doesn’t change the world


I often don’t stop to think about how technology came to be. When did it start? And how in such a sort about of time has it become such a massive part in everyone’s lives?  Then I stumbled across this video, and as I watched, it really made me stop and re-evaluate technology.

‘Technology doesn’t change the world; it changes how we perceive it’… It’s crazy when you actually stop and think about that.

This video is great because it talks about how Technology has come about. And it all started because someone a long time ago in 1657, when someone invented a balance spring – and when you push it it doesn’t stop moving. Add some cogs and a ruler – and hey presto we have a clock. Soon, everything was able to be measure by time, and the evolution of technology continued.

Before technology, the sun told us what time is was – people woke up when the sun cam up, ate when we were hungry, and went to bed when it was dark. But since this evolution of technology, we no longer rely on the natural things of the world. We now rely on a set schedule, where we don’t get up when it’s morning – but when it’s time to get up. We don’t eat when we’re hungry – but we eat when it’s lunch time.

Go and check out the video, it’s very thought provoking.

Important Facts About Technology 



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