Technologies for the Blind to Read

I’ve spent a little bit of time on the TED website lately, looking through the different video’s on technology, and there are some fairly interesting video’s on there. However this one really caught my eye. It is a presentation by Ron McCallum entitled How Technology allowed me to read.

Ron was born premature, which caused his blindness, and his dream was to be able to read books. He talks about his difficulties in life being unable to read. He also shows us his screen-less computer and describes how this technology is utilised, and talked about the invention of curse books. Curse books are a technology designed so you can scan the book, and it would read it for you. “Technology has given me a great life” says Ron.

After listening to Ron speak, I think that we seem to take for granted having the ability to see – the ability to read, and watch TV, and look at our computer screens. This is why I fond his presentation to be so inspiring. He talks about all the different technologies that have helped him over his time, and how they assisted him to read, and the passion he has to help other blind people around the world to gain resources to be able to read also.

You can go to the link above to check it out. It is such a beautiful presentation!


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