One of my favourite uses of ICT within my classroom on Prac is the classDojo system. This is an ICT implementation that is used everyday, and the kids absolutely love it. For those who’ve never heard of it, it’s like a point system, and each child has their own monster emoji on the screen. Throughout the day the children can earn points for things like, daily attendance, task completed, good listening,  on track and a few others. At the end of each week the child with the most points is awarded ‘classDojo of the week’ and gets a certificate and a prize.

Outside the classroom, the teachers may post pictures, messages or blurbs about the child’s day up on Dojo and the parents are able to log on and see.

I just think that it works so well without, and definitely within the classroom! The children are always so motivated to complete tasks, demonstrate good behavior and achieve higher standards of work. It’s certainly something I’d like to implement in my own classroom one day.



Nearing the end of the first week of Professional Experience, and it has been so full on already!

I have been put in charge of a whole unit called Media Arts, which is where I will create my 5 ICT based lesson plans. So, basically the unit is: The kids have to draw or collect or create a series of pictures to tell a family story – something that has happened to them. Once the pictures are completed they get to upload them onto a computer and make it into a PowerPoint presentation. (These are year 1-2 kids, so I actually get to introduce them to PowerPoint!) In the PowerPoint presentation, they get to put the picture on the slide and put sound effects and annotations over the top, and then present it to the class.

I’ve realised that when at uni we get to write unit plans all the time, and so we get good at writing all the right things, and knowing what to put in. However teaching it is a WHOLE other kettle of fish! Using appropriate strategies, that really work in the classroom is so important. I’ve found that one of the teaching strategies the kids respond really well to is the “I do, we do, you do”  approach, as also mentioned in Jacqueline’s blog . I’ve used this strategy a lot in the planning stages of this Media unit.

I am excited to see how the rest of it goes! Hope everyone else’s Pracs are going well!

Digital Citerzenship

After reading through the Scary Stories Learning Path on study desk, it has made me go back and double check my privacy setting on both Facebook and on my phone.

It is disgusting to think that this is what the world is coming to, that humans have stooped low enough to want to stalk peoples private information and track them down for goodness only knows what purpose. It’s like, we are aware that it happens, but it wouldn’t happen to us, right? Wrong! Everyone needs to always be alert when it comes safety while online.

It just goes to show the absolute importance of educating the children and their parents of this day and age about Internet safety.

I also enjoyed Reading through Bec’s Blog post on this topic. She offers some really positive teaching strategies in order to educate children also.

Last phase in this blogging journey

On submitting Assignment 2, we now enter the last phase of EDC3100. Assignment 3, Prac and the last learning path and blogging entries.

I for one, cannot wait to finish this thing off!

I have had to do a return Prac for this specific professional experience, therefore I am returning to familiar territory.I know my mentor, and I know the children I am working with from my previous Professional Experience. So I am not worried too much.

The children are focusing on ICT’s through their study during this term – How lucky for me! I hope I will be able to get some great lesson plans written. Checking out the Queensland Government’s Smart Classrooms website might give me some tips, on how to help find some resources and teaching ideas to support the effective use of ICT in contemporary classrooms.