One of my favourite uses of ICT within my classroom on Prac is the classDojo system. This is an ICT implementation that is used everyday, and the kids absolutely love it. For those who’ve never heard of it, it’s like a point system, and each child has their own monster emoji on the screen. Throughout the day the children can earn points for things like, daily attendance, task completed, good listening,  on track and a few others. At the end of each week the child with the most points is awarded ‘classDojo of the week’ and gets a certificate and a prize.

Outside the classroom, the teachers may post pictures, messages or blurbs about the child’s day up on Dojo and the parents are able to log on and see.

I just think that it works so well without, and definitely within the classroom! The children are always so motivated to complete tasks, demonstrate good behavior and achieve higher standards of work. It’s certainly something I’d like to implement in my own classroom one day.


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