Composite Class

I was placed in a small rural school of only about 45 children (if that) attending. It was amazing! I’m a country girl myself, so ending up in a school like that would be the dream. The teachers were all lovely, and the children were all just beautiful. That’s exactly what i love about the country – the farming community families – they are the best people out! There is NO swag out in these areas; and I love it!!!!

Anyway, I was in the prep-1-2 classroom, which meant I was juggling three different grades within my lessons. My mentor made it look like a breeze, but it was actually a lot harder than it looked. My mentor said “Once you can teach a composite class, you can teach anything” And I believe her! I read up on some articles that other teachers have put online about working in composite classes, and they all have so much knowledge of managing a class effectively and have such great time and behavior management skills and techniques! I’m glad that I got to experience that – I feel it was just such a realistic experience – it was so beneficial to me!


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