ICT and Maths

Before maths each day the children got to sing along to some times tables on the interactive whiteboard. An engaging video along with the words of the times tables were played, and the children boisterously sang along – It is their favorite part of the day!

The teacher (my mentor) would bring up the folder on the computer, so that the children could then use the screen of the whiteboard to select which song to sing. There was a roster for the children so there were no fights over whose turn it was, so it always ran very smoothly.

They are very catchy songs, I even caught myself singing them to myself randomly at home – Yes the lack of sleep has driven me mad – but all the same, it’s a routine that I would definitely use in a classroom of my own one day.

I came across a CD that you can purchase with the songs on it; however I find that YouTube is just so much better. The children just respond so well to singing and dancing in front of the screen with each other.

This is the 3 times tables. Feel free to search around for the rest. They are great!


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