Post Professional Experience Blog

I had perfectly good intentions of doing keeping up with my blogs throughout my prac, however as per the usual – my life was too hectic.

My prac went well though, I had quite an enjoyable time! Since it was a return prac for me, I had the same class, with the same kids, and the same mentor. This was a major plus as I knew what was expected of me, and I already knew the kids. My ICT unit plan went really well, and my mentor even went through the marking criteria with me so that i could be a part of the marking process. It was such a good insight into the real world of teaching. 

One of the biggest things I found on prac was that I always had to be over-prepared. Pretty much all of the children I worked with were pretty switched on, and normally flew through their workbooks. I had to come up with exciting ways to plan so that the whole duration of the lesson was filled with learning. This included activities that the children were capable of working through themselves in order for me to work with the children who were a bit slower to catch on.

You can never be too prepared – plan for success, focus, understand the content, pace yourself, create engaging experiences and succeed! I found that whatever the students didn’t get to finish in one lesson, made a great introduction activity the next day. especially when teaching the same unit all week. It is such a good way to reinforce concepts.



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