The Slower Learners

Once of the things I found difficult while on prac, was juggling the fast achievers and the slower achievers. One little boy in particular I really struggled with, firstly because he was a slow achiever and he didn’t really understand a lot of the content strait up like the rest of the children – but also because he just didn’t want to try. He would constantly say “but I can’t” or “I don’t know how” before he even tried, and would sit there and do nothing.

This would be more common that you think. Young children don’t have a massive attention span, therefore are even more likely to give up before truly tying. Teachers should introduce some strategies that might help increase that attention span and improve the overall outcome of tasks.

This may be done by breaking the lesson down so that it is interesting and engaging, and implements different teaching techniques. According to David Reeves, 5  ways to increase students attention span.

  1. Include Physical Activity
  2. Have Attention Breaks
  3. Adjust Time Frames
  4. Remove Visual Distractions
  5. Break Tasks into pieces




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