Future Technologies – destroying normal lives for the next generation

Technology is one of those things where even if you don’t agree with it, you have the option to not use it… well at least for now you do. Unfortunately, future technologies may no leave us with that option.

After reading through the final learning paths on the study desk about future technologies, I googled it to actually see what would come up… and what did, really didn’t sit right with me (this video being one of them).

I mean, I understand that in the future technologies will be improved in order to help people, such as medical technologies. However some of the things that were presented within this video absolutely appalled me.

Our world is fine. Stop Ruining it with all these stupid future technologies.

I know I want my kids to grow up in a normal manner – the way we did! Which takes me back to one of my previous blog posts on this topic (see here).

I don’t like the idea of everything being replaced with screens and robots. I don’t want to be replaced by a robot, so why should people in the future be replaced by robots. This will just lead to a high rise in unemployment rates, and a generation of dumb people.

Are future technologies beneficial? Hell no, if they’re anything like what is shown within this video, I think the future generation have no hope in living a decent life.



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